Max Cekot Kitchen

At Max Cekot Kitchen we combine an extraordinary contemporary cuisine, original ideas and advantages of every little detail to turn your dinner into a complete unique experience that is nothing but perfect.


Welcoming/ friendly/ thoughtful

First and foremost, you are not just a client, You are our guest. Your wellbeing is our priority. Therefore, we do our best to make sure You get the warm feeling that You are welcome here and we are happy to see You now and we would love to see You here again.


Flavor/ content / perfection

Аt Max Cekot Kitchen we offer you a multiple course dinner with wine and drinks which are specially chosen to compliment the food. The choice of the dishes we serve varies to match the season in which the ingredients are at their peak. Our chef thoughtfully selects every ingredient for every dish and makes sure that you get only the best ones. Every meal in Max Cekot Kitchen is unique and extraordinary.


Accessibility/ contact/ communication

We are open with our guests at Max Cekot Kitchen. That is why we are ready to satisfy your curiosity and show you how a dish is being prepared in an open chefs kitchen. You are free to watch, ask questions and share your ideas. Eye to eye contact and communication could add to Your experience and help us grow.

The stories we tell

History / meaning / connection

There is a separate story hidden in every part of Max Cekot Kitchen: the place with rich history, the team of incredible talent, let alone the interior design details, every dish and every ingredient in it. And we are glad to share these stories with you.

Talent and creativity

Attention to detail/ passion/ thinking outside the box

For achieving perfection, every detail matters. That is why in every detail of Max Cekot Kitchen, be it a plate or a dish ingredient, is mind and soul of our professional, extremely creative and talented team.

Unique experience every time

Original/ extraordinary/ inimitable

For Max Cekot Kitchen the food is not just about the taste. It’s also about experience as such and the experience turns out to be unique every time You visit us. Our main goal is to turn your weekend dinner into the main event of the week.

Be our guest!